Rise of the Crowlord

Session 9

On Bloody Black Wings

The party traveled to The Watering Hole Inn to sleep and to speak to Saul Ranchar, and to get some sleep. The tavern was quite, the only ones present were a halfling in the corner and a half-orc behind the bar. The latter being the innkeep Saul Ranchar and the former being Kurt. Milo, excited to finally meet another of his people in Evanda tried to make conversation. Kurt was obviously reluctant to speak, but Milo’s silver tongue pulled through. The other’s questioned Ranchar, about Vek Farren and The Crow who knew nothing about The Crow or Farren, but knew Marcus Raal, who had been on the guard’s suspect list. Satisfied, the party purchased rooms and went to bed, before she fell asleep, Syless heard someone leave the inn. In the morning, the party left to go about their business, but found the tavern filled with noisy non-elves. An already drunk half-orc accosted Faust for his fine clothing, Kendel and Syless hid their ears and tried to help and in the confusion Faust slipped away. Ranchar was unhappy with the disturbance, the party left, aware that they probably weren’t welcome back.

The party first went in search of Salen Relo, the information broker. Faust sent a letter to his contact in Sharra, requesting any information on The Crow, then disguised as a common thug and asked around for Relo. Some Blood Drakes took him to Relo’s home, but requested that the rest of the party remain. Faust was led to Relo’s home but discovered he was not there, the window was open and there were signs of a struggle. Faust searched notes and discovered that Relo was absolutely sure that the Crow was a member of the Blood Drake Syndicate. The man that guided Faust went to inform his superiors of the situation while Faust returned to the group. Meanwhile, Syless went to the festival to try and learn more about it, an Elf named Velnyus told her the origin of the event predated Sylvaia’s fall, and the celebration is partly in memorial of the fallen Goddess. She thanked him for his help, and went on her way.

When they met back up they decided they needed to find Marcus Raal, and the only one they knew who might know their location was Saul Ranchar, who probably did not want to see them again. Faust disguised as a Solahsian Paladin and went back to the Inn, with Milo in tow. When they arrived, Ranchar questioned Milo’s new choice of company and was met with an immediate response of “I’m experimenting with religion”. Faust was about to acquire the location of Raal’s home. and the party went there.

Raal was a very nervous man and claimed to know nothing of the Crow, but after aggressive interrogation, threats and a zone of truth, he revealed that he was a member of the Blood Drake Syndicate. He also let slip that there was more than one Crow, and that Riala Cres was one of them. Before the party could get anything else, Raal was able to dimension door away. While Syless and Milo searched his home for clues, Faust and Kendel tried to find Raal but could not. Syless and Milo were able to find a Blood Drake Medallion with a bird carved on the back, and a note saying:

Met with Relo
He knows too much

The party decided to use the note to try and find where it was going, Faust disguised as Raal, found a Blood Drake messenger, and sent the letter on its way. The messenger soon found out he was being tailed, and tried to shake the party, successfully losing Faust and Syless, but Kendel and Milo successfully reached the Blood Drake Hideout.



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