Rise of the Crowlord

Session 8

The Dread Dancer & The Woodland Watcher

Kendel, Milo, and Jerrik made their way back to Evanda. They had a lead but their party was beaten and broken. To add to their misfortune, Milo and Kendel found one night on their way back that Jerrik had left in the night, and left nothing but a note:

“I am sorry my friends, but I must leave you. I see what happened running through my head every time I close my eyes, and I can’t help but to blame myself for what happened. I wasn’t strong enough I’m not strong enough, and I’ve failed you. I swear by the burned goddess I will return stronger than before. Verdan and Galiel will die.”

Grieving, and now another ally short, Milo and Kendel arrived in Evanda, and discovered that the Evandan Spring Festival was in full swing. Neither of them really cared, and Kendel went to The Gallant Griffin Inn to drink his sorrows away, while Milo went shopping. He found a strange shop built out of wood, the only one of its kind in the city. Violet and Red banners draped in, and an sign hung upside down out front that read “Fairheart’s Fantastic " Milo went inside and was greeted by Felix Fairheart, the enthusiastic owner who hadn’t seemed to have finished naming his store. Milo purchased slippers of spider climbing, eyes of the eagle and a dagger of returning.

Milo visited The Gallant Griffin to find Kendel, who was very drunk, he gave him the dagger as a token of their friendship. They stayed there for a bit talking, as well as investigating rumors of a murderer called “The Crow”. Later in the evening, Felix visited for a drink, he recognized Milo and invited him to a play being held in the market district. Milo joined him, and brought Kendel along as well. This play starred Faust, who called out Vezir Thalmir, a lieutenant in the Blood Drake Syndicate, and then killed him on stage. The Cripple had been alerted that this play was suspicious and was in the audience. Outraged, the Cripple sent his men against Faust and fled. The two assassins rushed the stage, killing any civilians in their way. Felix pulled out a wand and teleported away. Milo and Kendel jumped into action, and were joined in battle by Syless, who had been there to investigate the Blood Drake Syndicate. kendel killed one when she tried to flee, and the other one surrendered.

Guard Captain Arelos and his men were quick to the scene, and the surviving assassin was arrested. Faust was going to be arrested as well, but he and Milo were able to convince him not to, as Faust had done the city a service dispatching that criminal. Faust wished to join the party, and offered to read the tablet if he were allowed to. Milo and Kendel did not trust him but agreed. Faust revealed that the symbol was a name, and the tablet read as follows:

“… and the Lord of Crows was slain, its body broken, but then [symbol] saw that it’s essence was still strong, and realized that the Lord of Crows could not be killed by such means. [Symbol], in desperation trapped the Lord of Crows in a prison of Light, and warded it against elven blood, so that none of the generals could approach. [Symbol] left the lord of Crows, and vowed to return with a means to kill it, and to be ready should they be called…”

After the events at the performance, one of the Queen’s agents summoned Kendel to meet with his father, who had learned of Kendel’s bounty in Glindier, he was disappointed in his son and took him off of the Verdan mission, which was very upsetting to Kendel. Kendel asked his father if he knew anything about the Crow, but got no response, he waited in the Palace for hours until his father left his study, and then broke in. He found notes that led his to suspect that the Crow was hunting members of the Blood Drake Syndicate.

Syless was able to quickly prove that she was friendly, but Milo and Kendel were still reluctant to allow another member, but did so anyways. The four returned to the inn, but when they arrived, heard that “The Crow”, who had they had heard about earlier, had struck again and went to investigate. They discovered a man by the name of Vek Farren murdered in his home, as well as a guard and a beggar nearby.

They discovered a note to Vek from an “SR” warning him the guards wanted him, and an iron blood drake medallion with the image of a bird carved on the back. The guard had a warrant for Vek’s arrest, and notes on his investigation of the Crow. The notes listed “Marcus Raal”, and “Riala Cres” as suspects. The party would have investigated more but had to flee as the guards were approaching and would not appreciate adventurers rummaging through the crime scene. In the back alleys, the party was met by a Tiefling by the name of Lyri Darkstep, a freelance detective of sorts, who provided the name of two people with the name SR. “Saul Ranchar” and “Salen Relo” Salen is an information broker and Saul was an inkeep, the party decided to meet with Saul at his inn and get some sleep, then talk to Salen in the morning.



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